Where it all started. A parting word to my friends on SV Cruising Kitty after the crossing from Vanuatu to Bundaberg. October 2017.

My heart is heavy as I stow my mainsail in the sail bag, furl the genoa, not even leaving a handkerchief overnight.
I pull up my anchor, not a plough variety, I hoist my overboard duffel with its very heavy cotton sheet, which would possibly make a good asymmetrical spinnaker, onto the finger of the marina, my sailing adventure over, 24 nights of fun gone…back to my other world, where wind is true, not apparent, north is north not magnetic, no halyards or sheets, no knots or waypoints and no met Bob or predict wind.
Where dragging only refers to my feet as I head off.

Jill de Vos October 2017

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